13 November 2007

Lesetipp: Wer sich für die Geschichte von Venezuela interessiert oder für die Regierungsbilanz von Chavez, findet hier einen guten Artikel. Allerdings ist dieser Artikel gefärbt. Wenn jemand andere gute Artikel kennt, womöglich sogar welche, die tatsächlich unvoreingenommen sind, wäre ich sehr dankbar!


At 13 März, 2008 22:15, Blogger Dominik Hennig said...

"[...] under the name and banner of a “socialist” and “revolutionary” movement, the emerging Boli-bureaucracy has used subsidy, co-optation, conversion, and violent repression to devour any and every independent project or association, whenever, wherever, and however it could get them into its ravenous maw. All too many Potemkin-tour “Progressives” and authoritarian Leftists have deluded themselves into believing that this process of the endlessly self-aggrandizing State bureaucracy engorging itself on the living remains of industrial and civil society, is something that Leftist, grassroots, and populist tendencies ought for some reason to support; the Libertarian Left — i.e., the real, anarchistic Left, unencumbered by the reactionary apparatus of Authority — knows better than that..."

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